Multiple business time zone support is now available!

You can now enable advanced time zone support within your Cliniko account! This is perfect for businesses who currently have multiple locations but each has a different set time zone.

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Cliniko this week: Multiple business time zones

To enable enable advanced time zone support within your Cliniko account, an Administrator will need to head over to Settings → General Settings and enable Advanced support for multiple time zones:

A screenshot of the Multiple time zone opt-in in Cliniko

Selecting a new time zone for an existing business location will change the displayed times for all past and future records, including appointments, reports, and invoices. So, please keep this in mind before enabling or changing time zones.

Once time zone support has been enabled and you save your settings, you’ll have the ability to:

  1. 1.Set separate time zones within Settings → Business information.
  2. 2.Select which time zone is displayed for the appointment calendar and Cliniko reports.
  3. 3.Control which time zone is used for Practitioner availability.
  4. 4.View patient details, invoices, payments, and communications in the business’ set time zone.

Do I need to do anything?

Once an Administrator has enabled time zone support, we recommend setting your individual business time zones, reviewing practitioner availability time zone settings, and adding a time zone placeholders within your patient communications.

Set the time zones for each business location

Head to Settings → Business Information (under Our clinic) and select the business or clinic you’d like to update by clicking “Edit information” under the relevant location. From here, you'll find the “Time zone” field:

A screenshot showing an early step of setting up multiple business time zones in Cliniko

Save your changes and repeat this process for each of your business locations.

Changing Practitioner availability settings

You can also control which time zone is used for Practitioner availability (which affects the open/closed time listed on the calendar, so that patients can book appointments with you). This can be done by clicking the Edit your practitioner settings button within a Practitioner’s user profile. From here, you will be able to select your preferred time zone from here for each business location (either the business’ time zone or the practitioner’s time zone):

Setting up practitioner availability with the new time zone support in Cliniko

How will this affect a patient’s time zone in Cliniko?

You can still select a separate time zone for your patients within their patient details, however, we’ve added the option to “use the business or account time zone”.

Setting up multiple time zone support in Cliniko

We’ll use this time zone for communications and online booking but if you expect to service patients outside of your local time zone, be sure to add the time zone placeholders to your communications.

Selecting time zone throughout Cliniko

Once you’ve selected and updated your business time zone settings, you’ll now notice a change in which time zone we display. You’ll also see drop-down menus for time zones throughout Cliniko where applicable.

For example, you can now select which time zone to display on Cliniko reports and the appointments page:

A gif demonstrating how to select your business time zone on the Cliniko apppintments page

We have a full list of how time zones are used and displayed in our support guide.

As always, if you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help out!

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