Cliniko is officially partnered with Osteopathy Australia!

We are proud to announce that Cliniko is now the only practice management system officially partnered with Osteopathy Australia, the top organisation representing osteopaths in Australia. Here’s more about the partnership and why it’s so special to us.

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Cliniko was first created with the goal of helping osteopaths.

A decade ago, osteopath Liora Dafner-Beach asked her partner, software developer Joel Friedlaender, to create a platform that would make it easier to provide the best day-to-day care in practice. While Cliniko is currently used by all allied health professions, it was her osteopathy colleagues and patients that Liora most urgently wanted to help back then.

So it seems fitting that just a few weeks after Cliniko’s 10th birthday, we have officially become the only practice management system partnered with Osteopathy Australia!

Our story may have come full circle, but it doesn’t mean our role in helping osteopaths is finished. We see this partnership with Osteopathy Australia as the beginning of a new phase in the work we do to support osteopaths in Australia and around the world.

Liora had this to say about what the partnership means to her:

“Given my deep love for osteopathy as an art and a science, it feels especially good to me to see Cliniko partnered with the organisation that supports and advances osteopathy as a profession.”

Here’s a closer look at Osteopathy Australia, why the organisation endorsed us, and what it means for you.

What is Osteopathy Australia?

Since 1991, Osteopathy Australia has been the national body representing over 2,300 osteopaths and 500 osteopathy clinics in Australia. Its main goal is to look after the interests of the profession through raising awareness of osteopathy and the work osteopaths do.

It also collaborates with state and federal governments on policies that affect osteopaths to make sure osteopath interests are represented.

Did you know more than 75,000 patients visit an osteopath in Australia every week? With osteopathy services so in demand, we’re excited to work with Osteopathy Australia and do our part to help make it easier for clinics to provide the best care possible to each patient as they grow.

Why has Cliniko been endorsed by Osteopathy Australia?

Osteopathy Australia recognises Cliniko as the top practice management system for osteopaths. But what does that mean?

Leng Warwar, Osteopathy Australia’s Partnerships Manager, had this to say:

“At Osteopathy Australia, we’re always looking for innovative solutions to meet members’ needs, and help their businesses thrive and grow, which is why we’ve partnered with Cliniko. Quality customer service naturally sits at the heart of any allied healthcare business. To this end, an efficient, flexible and easy-to-use practice management tool is vital for our members, helping them to streamline day-to-day business systems and processes, while they concentrate on providing the best customer service for patients.”

To give you an idea of how it can be used to help manage and grow your clinic, here’s a glimpse of what Cliniko has to offer:

Easy appointments

If you’ve been skipping lunch because you can never find 30 free minutes in your day, this is for you. Cliniko makes it easy to book and manage patient appointments as well as see what’s coming up in your schedule hours, days, or weeks ahead. You can set up repeat appointments, automated reminders, and add online bookings on your practice website to make things easier for your patients, too.

Health records that bring everything together

Cliniko can help make lost notes a thing of the past. Our health records allow you to take notes using your own custom templates and store body charts, letters, forms, invoices, and more, for each individual patient, making it easier to find everything you need in one place. You can even save your notes as a draft and come back to them when you have a bit of breathing room.

Cliniko is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere, on almost any device.

Peace of mind

Taking care of your data security is one of the most important things you can do for your patients, team and business. We like to think we help make it easy! Cliniko exceeds data protection legislation requirements for Australia and other countries around the world. Work on improving Cliniko never stops, and security is always top of the list when we look to add new features to our system. Case in point: here’s how we did it when we launched our own integrated telehealth platform.

What does this partnership mean for you?

Cliniko is already the main platform used by osteopaths across Australia, and there’s a high chance if you are an Australian osteopath reading this you are already using the system. So why else is this endorsement special?

As partners of Osteopathy Australia, we’re now able to collaborate with the organisation to support things like CPD events and webinars specifically for osteopaths, using their input to develop content on topics that will better help you.

We’ll be releasing content in partnership with Osteopathy Australia throughout the next year! If you are a member, make sure you keep an eye out for that.

If you are interested in getting started with Cliniko, visit Osteopathy Australia’s website for a special extended trial.

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