Cliniko changes week ending 23 October 2013

Bart Lewis·

Hello everybody! Time for your weekly Cliniko update. I have a lot to talk about this week as we released several new Cliniko features.

Here is what we worked on this week.


  • Sequential invoice numbers.
  • Appointment confirmation emails with calendar attachments.

Sequential invoice numbers. Prior to this update invoice numbers were shared across the Cliniko system, meaning that if you did two invoices back to back the invoice number could increment more than one. Invoice numbers are now unique per account.

Appointment confirmation emails. We are very excited about this feature. Cliniko is now able to send a confirmation email with calendar attachment when an appointment is created for a patient. Before you patient leaves the office they will get an email with all of the appointment details.

You can customize the confirmation text to include your policies, links to new patients forms, and any other information you want to add. We also give you the ability to remove your address information from the calendar invite. This is ideal for mobile businesses.

Whew! A very exciting week at Cliniko.

Until next time.


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Bart helps rock our customer support from Maryland, USA. Bart also has five kids (two of whom he’s fostering), and four dogs (two Siberian Huskies and two Labradors) at home which makes Bart’s home a very happy zoo.

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