Cliniko changes week ending 9 October 2013

Bart Lewis·

It is time for your weekly Cliniko update. This time next month I will be in Melbourne at our Cliniko meet up. I cannot believe it is only a month away! Once again our development team has been really busy. This week we released the following updates:

  • Xero integration bug fixes.
  • Infrastructure updates, more on this below.
  • Added the ability to link a patient to a referring doctor.
  • Improvements to wording in invoice emails to patients and other parties.

Sometime the updates we do for Cliniko are not cool flashy features (even those are my favorite). In the case of the infrastructure update it was to solve a problem a particular set of users was having. We noticed that customers on Bigpond (a major ISP in Australia) would occasionally get “Server not found” errors when navigating Cliniko. We traced the problem back to the DNS servers that Bigpond uses. A DNS server takes and translates it to an internet address your computer knows how to get to.

Instead of blaming Bigpond and leaving our customers with intermittent service, we developed a work around that corrected the problem.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week.

Until next week!


Author information

Bart helps rock our customer support from Maryland, USA. Bart also has five kids (two of whom he’s fostering), and four dogs (two Siberian Huskies and two Labradors) at home which makes Bart’s home a very happy zoo.

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