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It's so much easier when all your software is connected

Cliniko is an amazing practice management solution, but it can't do everything. We have integrated Cliniko with a few other speciality applications so that your business can have the best of everything.


MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform.

Our MailChimp integration automatically syncs all of your patients from Cliniko into a list of your choice in MailChimp.

We also syncronise additional information, like latest appointment and last practitioner seen. This gives you a lot more power in your email marketing, like the ability to send an email to all patients without upcoming appointments.


Xero is online accounting software for small businesses. It's a web based system for invoicing, accounts payable, bank reconciliation & bookkeeping.

Our Xero integration automatically syncs all of your invoices that are created in Cliniko across to Xero.

If you're using Xero for your bookkeeping, this integration is going to save you a lot of time.