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Write and send letters quickly

It's never been easier to write to patients, doctors and other 3rd parties. You don't need any other software, it's all done within Cliniko.

Create your own templates

Set up your templates once, and generate professional looking letters every time.

Create as many templates as you need right within Cliniko; referral letters, patient updates or anything else.

Add any number of placeholders to your templates, so when it comes to writing the letter, the key information is already there for you.

Style your templates however you like with our rich text editor. Letter writing is so much faster when the formatting is already done for you.

Print or email your letters

It's easy to print your letters for posting or email them directly from Cliniko.


Print your letters on letterhead paper or have Cliniko print your logo/letterhead itself. There are plenty of options to make printing work for you.


Email your letters as a PDF attachment or directly as the email content. It's easy to see what letters have been emailed by Cliniko from the patient's page.