How to use social media to generate new clients for your practice

Allied health social media expert, Jack O'Brien, from Clinic Mastery talks you through how to use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find new clients for your clinic.

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Jack O'Brien, Clinic Mastery·

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If you are a clinic owner, you are most likely always on the lookout for ways to grow your clinic. Your are not alone! Social media is one of the great ways to generate new clients.

A healthy flow of new clients is vital to the success of any private practice, and utilising the new tools of social media has become the gold standard for reaching more and more people.

But - social media can be daunting for a lot of clinic owners, and there is an overload of information flooding the internet which can be overwhelming and difficult for clinic owners.

At Clinic Mastery, we’ve helped 100’s of clinic owners create social media strategies to generate new clients for their clinic, using the strategies here, to the point where they need to hire more therapists or move to bigger facilities just to accommodate them. These are real-life strategies and examples that I use across my own personal clinics.

If you can put in the work to implement and continue to refine these social media strategies, you will find you can generate more new clients that you will be able to serve, and grow your clinic.

1. Facebook Ads using lookalike audiences to promote content

Using your website traffic (if it has the Facebook pixel installed), your mobile app data or fans of your existing Facebook page, Facebook allows you to create an 'audience' by identifying the common qualities of the people in it (ex: demographic information or interests). Then Facebook then find people who are similar to (or "look like") them. You can then target ads to this group of people.

2. LinkedIn referrer networking

LinkedIn is where many business owners, allied health professionals, doctors, insurance case managers, and other similar types of people are spending more time online. It's time put your extrovert hat on, and say hi to someone new. It won't cost you $, just some time.

3. Instagram search and commenting

Another option that won't cost you $, just some consistent time spent. Instagram is the MOST popular social media platform for 2019, with 23 million people using the app every month in the United Kingdom, 12 million in Canada, 9 million in Australia, and almost 2 million in New Zealand.

4. Facebook Ads using retargeting to start DM conversations

Similar to strategy one, using your website with the Facebook Pixel installed, a previous customer list, or people that have engaged with your content on your Facebook page, Facebook retargeting means that you can identify those warm prospects who have previously engaged with your content and show them an add to ask them to take a new action - like make a booking.

Social media and digital have created a plethora of opportunity for us to add more value and be of more service to our tribes, and the common thread of this article, is to create meaningful, personal conversations with prospects using this opportunity.

We live in a time of incredible opportunity, and to pass up the chance to engage with your community means that a number of people may miss out on the help you are able to provide them.

Take action - decide which of the four strategies you can begin to put in place today, reach out for help if you are out of your depth, and continue to create amazing outcomes and experiences for your patients and clients.

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Jack O'Brien is a multi-clinic owner from Newcastle (AU), and is the the Director of Client Attraction at Clinic Mastery, helping progressive health professionals to build a #ClinicForGood

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