How to use Facebook Ads retargeting to find new clients for your clinic

Allied health social media expert, Jack O'Brien, from Clinic Mastery talks you through how to use Facebook Ads 'retargeting' to find new clients for your clinic.

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Jack O'Brien, Clinic Mastery·


Facebook ads are amazing in two ways; They can be amazing at filling your clinic with new clients, or they can be amazing at blowing your budget and maxing out your credit card!

Using Facebook retargeting is an efficient way to ensure that your only show your paid ads to potential customers who have previously engaged with your practice online, and encourage them to take the next step to reach out and start a conversation with your business.

A Facbook Retargeting campaigns works by creating an anonymous audience within the Facebook Ads Manager from a ‘source’ - which could be the Facebook pixel on your website, a previous customer list, or people that have engaged with your content.

When you create a custom audience, only those people that fit your criteria will see your ads, which means you can be laser specific with the content of your ad.

There are many frameworks for crafting the specific wording of the ad, however the intention is to make it clear WHO you are speaking to, WHAT you know about them already, and HOW they can take the next step. The message in your ad for a group of people that fit your criteria could be 'Send us a DM to find to ask us 'x'!'

Often, there are subtle nuances according to your brand, your prospects, and your intentions - but these should not be excuses for you to avoid using Facebook Ads, rather simply an opportunity for you to engage some help or dive into some learning to capitalise on the opportunity!

How to set up your own Facebook Retargeting campaign

Requirements for retargeting

  • You need to have a Facebook pixel implemented on your website to be able to retarget to people have visited your website.

Creating your Facebook Retargeting campaign

  1. 1.Go to your Facebook page
  2. 2.Select Ad Centre
  3. 3.On the left hand side of your page, select 'Audiences'
  4. 4.Click the Create Audience dropdown and choose Custom Audiences
    1. 1.Note: If you've never created an audience of any kind before, you'll see a Create a Custom Audiences button, not a dropdown. Everything else will be the same.
  5. 5.Select the audience you want to create a retargeting campaign for - Facebook Page, Website traffic, or other audience group.
  6. 6.Set a rules section. You have to start with an inclusive one.
  7. 7.Add more inclusive or exclusive rule sections as desired. You can have up to 5 total rule sections per audience.
  8. 8.Give your audience a name (and description, if desired).
  9. 9.Click Create Audience.
  10. 10.When we finish creating your audience, select it during ad set creation to reach the people in it with ads.

Author information

Jack O'Brien is a multi-clinic owner from Newcastle (AU), and is the the Director of Client Attraction at Clinic Mastery, helping progressive health professionals to build a #ClinicForGood

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