How to use Instagram to find new clients for your clinic

Allied health social media expert, Jack O'Brien, from Clinic Mastery talks you through how to use Instagram to find new clients for your clinic.

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Jack O'Brien, Clinic Mastery·

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Instagram is the MOST popular social media platform for 2019, with 23 million people using the app every month in the United Kingdom, 12 million in Canada, 9 million in Australia, and almost 2 million in New Zealand.

The search features of instagram are fantastic, specifically around hashtags, and locations.

Search by physical destinations in your community that your ideal clients may be ‘checking in’ to - think about gyms, playgrounds, parks, and shopping outlets.

You can then follow and connect with the people that have checked in at these locations! From there, decide on your strategy for personal connection - it may be a DM, or a public comment.

The intention is to show interest, add value, and engage - not necessarily to sell! When meaningful connections and relationships can be facilitated, often - the next logical step is that the person is interested in engaging in your services!

Author information

Jack O'Brien is a multi-clinic owner from Newcastle (AU), and is the the Director of Client Attraction at Clinic Mastery, helping progressive health professionals to build a #ClinicForGood

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