How to use LinkedIn to find new clients for your clinic

Allied health social media expert, Jack O'Brien, from Clinic Mastery talks you through how to use LinkedIn referrer networking to find new clients for your clinic.

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Jack O'Brien, Clinic Mastery·

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Remember LinkedIn? That platform you created a resume on, all those years ago? Yep, it is back in vogue, in a big way! LinkedIn is incredibly hot right now, it is trending as one of the most popular social media platforms available.

Although many of your ideal clients may not be on LinkedIn regularly (they are probably on Facebook and Instagram!), many of your professional colleagues and referrers are on LinkedIn every single day! LinkedIn is where many business owners, allied health professionals, doctors, insurance case managers, and other similar types of people are spending more time online.

One of the best ways to grow your practice is to utilise LinkedIn to connect with other professionals that may have the potential to refer ongoing clients to you.

Consider your ideal clients, and other health professionals (or businesses) that they may already trust or be spending with - these are the businesses and business owners that you can reach out to on LinkedIn.

Send these businesses and owners a connection request with a personalised message, and engage in a connection strategy (we recommend the three C’s - connect, compliment, collaborate).

Author information

Jack O'Brien is a multi-clinic owner from Newcastle (AU), and is the the Director of Client Attraction at Clinic Mastery, helping progressive health professionals to build a #ClinicForGood

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