Create a wait list in 60 seconds

Wait lists can help you to accommodate patients who need to be seen urgently and to maintain a full day of appointments even if someone cancels. In this Cliniko Quick Tip, Rachel explains how to set up your first wait list in just 60 seconds!

Rachel Harkness·

Rachel explains how to create a waitlist in just 60 seconds!

Summary: If your appointments are completely booked but you still have patients who would like to get on the schedule if a spot opens up, you can keep track of them using the Wait List feature. Today, I’ll show you how to create a wait list in this Cliniko Quick Tip Today, I’ll show you how to create a wait list in this Cliniko Quick Tip.

A screenshot of the wait list feature in Cliniko

There are two ways to add patients to a wait list. Both are done through the Appointments feature. First, you can add patients from directly within the wait list, which is accessible under the calendar menu. You can also include when you’d like them to be removed from the wait list, the patient’s availability, and their business and practitioner preferences.

A screenshot showing the 'Add to wait list' feature in Cliniko

Here’s a closer look at the options available when you add a patient to your wait list.

The second option is to create an appointment for a patient and add them to the wait list from there. It will automatically set the wait list removal date to the date of their next appointment. If an earlier spot opens up and the wait-listed patient is selected, their later appointment is then automatically rescheduled and removed.

A screenshot showing how to select a patient from the wait list when creating a new appointment

You can make any necessary edits to your appointment once you have selected a patient from the wait list.

That is how you create a wait list in Cliniko and that completes this Cliniko Quick Tip. 💡

For more information on setting up or using wait lists in Cliniko, check out our help article to get the details.

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