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Secure, mobile treatment notes

With Cliniko you can access your treatment and progress notes from anywhere without jeopardising security. All treatment notes are stored securely to help you meet your legal requirements.

Configurable templates

Treatment notes that work exactly how you want them to... because you're the one who sets them up.

Use the default treatment note templates to get started quickly. Templates are completely configurable, allowing them to be as simple or complex as you like.

Are you a multi-disciplinary clinic? It is easy to have multiple templates, so that all modalities can have their requirements met.

Completely safe and so accessible

There are so many benefits to keeping your notes in Cliniko. These are just a few.

Complete notes at your own convenience

Cliniko allows you to flag your incomplete treatment notes. Draft treatment notes are visible to you on your dashboard, so you don't forget to come back to them.

Store documents, images and other files

Store your images, documents and any other type of file in your patient records. Just drag and drop multiple files into Cliniko to upload them all at once.

Body charts

If you need to use diagrams or charts when writing notes for your patients, Cliniko has you covered.

Incorporate diagrams and charts into your treatment notes with Cliniko's body charts feature. Create reusable templates by uploading your own photos, scans or diagrams.

Draw using a stylus, your finger, or your mouse—body charts works on any device, including mobile, tablet and desktop computers.