Practice add-ons

Make Cliniko an even more powerful tool by combining it with one of these practice add-ons.

Instinctive notes on mobile

Featured app

Instinctive Notes

Instinctive notes is your secret weapon for chiropractic note taking compliance. Try it today.

  • dataplayer dashboard


    Use data to make decisions Dataplayer is the platform that fuels the right business decisions through intelligent insights.

  • Synergy 8 email and sms marketing

    Synergy 8

    The Complete Digital Marketing Platform offering great tools.

  • Invoice Direct on Computer

    Invoice Direct

    Direct invoicing for New Zealand ACC providers using Cliniko.

  • SubmitKit ACC-Cliniko


    Full ACC-Cliniko Integration. Create. Invoice. Manage.

  • Connect your practice to NDIS Patients

    MyCare Plus

    MyCare Plus offers practitioners the freedom of seeing any NDIS patient!

  • ClinicKonnect, Infusionsoft and Cliniko


    ​​Powerful, practical and user-friendly, ClinicKonnect lets you automatically sync between Cliniko and Infusionsoft to maximise your email marketing results and boost your business profits.

  • Finger-Ink patient intake form


    The Finger-Ink app for Cliniko makes it easy for your patient to self check-in, fill out intake forms, and give signed consent. It’s great for cutting out data entry for you and your staff.

  • FormsbyAir on all devices


    We provide software and support to move you beyond data entry, phone calls and manual processes.

  • Upgrade your Practice - Cliniq Apps

    Cliniq Apps

    Automatic Recalls, electronic Intake Forms, Patient Satisfaction Tracker, Mobile app and much more!