How to (and why you should) turn off Autofill

Protect your patients data by disabling browsers autofill option.

Rachel Harkness·

Looking for a quick and easy way to further protect your patient’s data in Cliniko (or any website) 🔐? Turn off your browser’s Autofill feature!

Browser autofill.

Autofill can store patient data! No password required to viewed saved information!!

If you’re not sure what Autofill is or why this will help protect your data, watch this episode of Tip of the Week! I’m diving into what Autofill does in Cliniko and why it’s vital to disable and keep it turned off.

Author information

Rachel Harkness is part of the support team at Cliniko who creates weekly energetic videos that help businesses master Cliniko. Outside of work, she’s obsessed with caramel macchiatos, sloths, and photos of her dog.

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