Security vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Joel Friedlaender·

There’s been a security vulnerability found in Internet Explorer versions 6 through to 11 (basically all of them).

Internet explorer is a web browser, the default one installed on Windows computers. If you haven’t actively downloaded a different browser, chances are you use it.

This is a pretty serious vulnerability that would let a hacker gain full user permissions over your computer, allow them to install programs, view and delete data, and much more. All you’d need to do is visit a malicious website set up for this.

We always advise people to use Google Chrome as it’s faster and more secure. This really validates that advice and we strongly recommend you switch to Google Chrome if you haven’t already.

It’s a free download at can be found here

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with Cliniko. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using a web-based practice management system or not. If you use Internet Explorer to browse the internet, this affects you.

You can read more about the vulnerability here

Safe browsing everyone!

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