Tips for wishing your patients and clients a happy festive season

Katie Faulkner·

It’s that time of year again and many of you will be looking forward to a well earned break. And by you, I mean all of you sitting there trying to gather a list of naughty and nice patients to send Christmas wishes to this year.

Well, fear not! Cliniko has got you covered, allow me to explain all the ways to simply and easily send off some seasons greetings! 🎄

📩 Email

How about a nice little festive email to your patients? It’s quicker, easier and cheaper than sending out a card, plus it won’t get caught up in the Christmas post! 💌

You’ll want to use our MailChimp integration to do this! It takes the stress out of sending bulk emails and it also helps to make sure that you stay legally compliant! Check out our support guide on setting that up.

Be sure to check out the MailChimp knowledge base, too! They’ve got some pretty good guides which talk you through designing email campaigns!


If email isn’t your style and you prefer something a little more direct, you can send off an SMS message to all of your patients in Cliniko! Did you know the open rate on SMS messages is 98%, how about that for some holiday cheer!

Check out our guide on sending out that bulk SMS, here.

You can also use those handy filters to make sure you’re only sending that SMS message to patients you’ve seen recently, or you could personalise those per business location! 🤓

🐌 Snail Mail

If you’re more of a traditional, love getting an unexpected gift on your doormat, kind of person - then these steps are for you! Below I’ll explain how to get your patients details on to labels, so that you can label up those envelopes and save your poor hands some serious aching! ✍️

Firstly you’ll want to export your patient list, make sure you set that date range to ‘any time’ so that you get all of your patients in the spread sheet!

Once that export is done, open up that spread sheet and filter down the list as you’d like (you may have some archived patients you don’t want to send cards to, for example).

Once you’ve got that list filtered down to just those patients you want to send a card to, you’ll want to remove unnecessary columns! Go ahead and remove all columns that you don’t want to appear on your labels.

Now that’s done you’re ready to begin the mail merge process! Check out the steps in this guide to do that.

That’s it! Print those lovely labels off and start sending out those cards, I’m sure they’ll be gratefully received!

An accurate representation of my dog as the post arrives

I hope these tips save you some time this festive season! If you’re a lover of time saving tips, why not check out our Cliniko Community, specifically this discussion.

Peace to the world ✌️

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Katie has had your back with Cliniko support since 2015, she’s based in the UK, and her speciality is sarcasm. Random facts about Katie include that she enjoys wood working, and next wants to learn about metal working.

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