Tip of the Week — How to Create & Add Referral Sources

Learn how to track and report your referral sources within Cliniko!

Rachel Harkness·

List of referral sources including contact, doctor, patient and other.

Whether it’s your “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” 🕷, the kind lady down the street with cookies 🍪, or that popular Instagram selfie 🤳🏼 you took that has brought your patients to your clinic — track and Report your Referral Sources within Cliniko!

This Tip of the Week will show you how to set up custom Referral Sources, applying these to your patients, and generating Referral Reports!

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Author information

Rachel Harkness is part of the support team at Cliniko who creates weekly energetic videos that help businesses master Cliniko. Outside of work she’s obsessed with caramel macchiatos, sloths, and selfies.

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