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Have a look around and see what Cliniko can do for your business.

Know what's going on in your practice

Cliniko's reporting gives you an in depth understanding of what is happening in your practice. This real-time information helps you make the decisions that will grow and improve your business.

Not just fancy charts

We don't just have fancy charts that look good on our website. We actually give you useful information that helps you make important decisions.

With Cliniko, you have access to information in just seconds that previously you had no way of getting.

Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels are the most effective.

Reports for almost anything

Not only does Cliniko have all the reports you need to run and grow your business, you also get access to the data to do your own analysis.

Appointment reports

Sometimes you just want your schedule on a piece of paper. Cliniko has daily and weekly schedule reports so that you can easily view and print your appointments.

Transaction reports

Want to know how much revenue your practice is generating? Want that broken down by practitioner? Cliniko has reports that give you this information instantly.

Cliniko also allows you to track and report on your expenses. Great for helping out at tax time.

Generate your own reports

As much as we try, we could never have all of the reports that you might need. Cliniko gives you the ability to export your information into spreadsheets, so that you can do your own reporting too.

Your accountant will also love these spreadsheets. They will save your accountant time, and save you money.