Vively Health

Vively Health enables practitioners to easily prescribe Continuous Glucose Monitoring to track and measure patient's metabolic health metrics

Vively being used on a laptop with charts and metrics relating to the glucose monitor

Vively Health has helped over 4,500 patients to improve their metabolic health through Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and health coaching support. Patients with obesity, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other metabolic health conditions are able to benefit from personalised diet and lifestyle insights based on their glucose data.

Using the Cliniko integration, you can easily start using CGMs in your practice. Simply prescribe Vively’s CGM program to your patients, and we'll send them a CGM sensor and a dedicated health coaching app for education and support. All data is then synced and visualised beautifully in your dashboard, including glucose, nutrition, activity, sleep, and lifestyle information.

Vively takes care of the delivery, technical support, and in-app health coaching, so that you can focus on supporting your patients. Practitioners using Vively Health report higher patient satisfaction, greater patient adherence, and longer client retention.

Vively Health is completely free for health professionals, and patients pay a $228 fee to use the CGM sensor and health coaching app for 3 months. Practitioners can choose to earn a referral fee or donate the fee to charity.