Tyro Health

Tyro Health (formerly Medipass) is a digital health payment company that allows you to process Medicare, DVA, and health fund claims from your computer.

Cliniko and Medipass allow you to create and subi

Process Medicare, DVA, and Private Health Fund claims online—no terminal required

Raise Medicare, DVA, and Private Health Insurance claims without the need for a physical terminal, all from Cliniko. Private Health Insurance claims are processed via HealthPoint. Learn more.

Automatic claim updates

Easily see a claim’s status right from within your Cliniko account, and be kept in-the-loop for any reasons it may not be approved. Set up automatic payment allocations, so when a claim is paid, the related invoice will also be closed out.

Guided setup and quick integration

Getting started with Tyro Health is as easy as creating an account and adding the API key into Cliniko. The Tyro Health team will assist you with getting started—learn more on their website.