Your one stop shop for all departments and parties in your business to understand relevant information about the business or individuals’ performance.

The BOS and it's integrations

Intelligent Reporting

The BOS enables you to deep dive into all the different data that you are collecting. You can create categories and group information, which helps make your data more meaningful.

Examples of what you can do with The BOS:

  • Find out why last week's revenue was through the roof by checking your revenue category breakdowns to find out which location, service type, practitioner, and payment source was causing such a great week!
  • See the trend in your unique clients month on month, and how much time they are spending in your clinic.
  • Work out how much travel your community team is doing each pay run (without the need for expensive GPS trackers).

Powerful Automations

The BOS allows cross platform automations that will plug the holes in all your leaking buckets.

Sales team saying they booked a client? Let The BOS search Cliniko and find that appointment, move your leads through the pipeline and manage that appointment through to invoicing.

The BOS amplifies its functions by coordinating between software platforms to get the most from your data.

Team member engagement/ management:

The BOS’ practitioner report allows for customised dashboards and views to help deliver exact information you want your team keeping an eye on. With custom permissions, you can easily select what you want them to see based on their role.

The BOS is here to help your practitioners. With a variety of different automatic notifications (tenant or individual set) you can ensure they never miss a beat. Client cancellation and new client booking notifications just to name a few.

Client Management

Use our patient pathway report to keep an eye on frequency of visits for your clients. Compare across different practitioners or time periods. The BOS wants to make sure you are aware of everything happening in your business.

How does The BOS integrate with Cliniko?

Setup is simple with data migration (including all your historical data), and can happen in a few hours. Just create an account and get full access to every feature. We've got video tutorials, knowledge base articles and how-to guides to make getting started easy.