ePrescribe to your patients in less than a minute from anywhere in the world, on any device

ScriptPad is Australia's first standalone ePrescribing tool. An innovative and ADHA (Australian Digital Health Agency) conformant electronic prescribing solution, perfect for Australian prescribers across all health and medical fields to use.

Intuitively well-designed, with a seamless and streamlined ePrescribing workflow, ScriptPad allows you to quickly and securely create and send compliant, accurate, and fraud-proof ePrescriptions to your patients via SMS or email - from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device. Currently, ScriptPad is only available to Australian prescribers.

How does a patient collect their ePrescription medication?

Your patients' ePrescription experience will be simple and seamless - from receiving their electronic prescriptions via SMS or email, all the way to collecting their prescription medications from any Australian pharmacy.

  1. 1.When an ePrescription is created and issued in ScriptPad, the patient will safely and securely receive an SMS or email (depending on which send option was selected during the prescribing process) containing a unique, private link to their ePrescription.
  2. 2.The patient opens the secure link to access their ePrescription and presents it at their local pharmacy, where the pharmacist will scan the ePrescription's QR code.
  3. 3.The pharmacy will dispense the patient's prescription medication, and the system will then automatically mark this ePrescription as fulfilled, preventing the patient from collecting the same prescription again. If the ePrescription has repeats, a new ePrescription token will be generated and sent to the patient.

How does ScriptPad integrate with Cliniko?

The integration will add a Prescribe button within Cliniko that will link directly to ScriptPad, including importing all the patient details so you can instantly prescribe.

The details of all ePrescriptions written with ScriptPad are automatically added back into the patient's treatment notes in Cliniko, ensuring a complete patient record and eliminating any double entering.