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Displaying how the call shows up in Cliniko

Seamlessly integrate Cliniko

Mr. VoIP for 3CX offers a seamless integration between Cliniko and a 3CX Phone System. With this integration, you will see a boost in your team's productivity by automating manual tasks from one centralized location. Enable your team to respond to patients’ needs faster and more efficiently while at the same time ensuring maximum satisfaction for your patients.

Match Caller IDs to Patients' Records

Mr. VoIP for 3CX saves you time and boosts your teams' productivity. You no longer need to switch between the Cliniko and 3CX interfaces to manage calls and see patient records. When an incoming call occurs the caller ID is automatically matched to a patient’s record in Cliniko and if no record is found a new one is created.

Automatic Call Recording

Call recordings are done automatically and are saved in Cliniko under the patient's record ensuring that no matter who the patient speaks to the next time they call a clear history is kept along with a recording of the conversation.

What it does:

  • The patient record is brought up automatically during a call
  • Calls are logged automatically as cases in Cliniko under the patient’s record
  • Can be created when a call is received from an unknown number
  • Call recordings are automatically saved in Cliniko under the patient’s record

Watch the integration in action.


  1. 1.Mr.VoIP middleware application (License based)
  2. 2.Mr.VoIP server-side template
  3. 3.3CX V16+

Getting started

  • Setup is easy and straightforward. If you do not have a Mr. VoIP license then contact Mr. VoIP and you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Head over to the partner page to find our how to access Mr. VoIP in your country!
  • If you already have a license then follow the configuration guide.