AI phone answering service that answers every phone call instantly.

Lyngo AI on mobile

Answer every call instantly.

With Lyngo, clinics have gone from missing over half of their calls to missing none! Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large clinic, Lyngo can answer all your calls at anytime and help your patients with anything from general FAQs to appointment management.


  • Appointment rescheduling: allow your patients to reschedule over the phone and prevent no shows.
  • Appointment cancellations: patients have the option to cancel over the phone but Lyngo will recommend a reschedule instead.
  • Creating a new booking: whether it is an existing or new patient, Lyngo can help them book an appointment and capture all their basic information you may require.
  • Answer general FAQs: answer common questions such as cost, parking availability, opening hours, and more.
  • Transfer to a human: sometimes the caller just needs a human to speak to. There is an option to transfer the call to your clinic or Lyngo can ask the caller to email you instead.

Lyngo can provide a personalised service for each clinic. It allows clinics to enhance customer service at a fraction of the cost, resulting in large savings for call answering.

With Lyngo, you will never miss a call or let another opportunity go unanswered.