Invoice Direct

Direct invoicing for New Zealand ACC providers using Cliniko.

Simplifying ACC Administration

Invoice Direct is your ACC administration assistant helping you to manage your practice efficiently. You’re already using Cliniko, a feature packed PMS, now enhance that experience with a solution that allows you to bill New Zealand’s ACC seamlessly.

Information at your Fingertips

Administration tasks can be overwhelming when you have many things to juggle. With Invoice Direct, you no longer need to remember what each patient’s ACC claims are or how many treatments they have used so far. Invoice Direct will take care of that for you by displaying this information seamlessly on your appointments screen. Simply add in an existing ACC claim or lodge a new claim for your patient, then start associating appointments with the newly added claim.

Simple Invoicing

Using Cliniko’s appointment screen, you can easily add in your patient’s ACC claim number for invoicing to ACC. When you’re ready to invoice ACC, head over to Invoice Direct and submit all or part of your practitioner’s appointments with a click of a button.

Continuous Updates

Invoice Direct is proud to help practices of all sizes from the single practitioner just starting up to multi practitioners at an already established practice. In order to bring you the best experience and to help with your ACC administration, the system is continuously updated with value adding features.