Next-Generation Nutrition Software for Health Professionals.

Foodzilla on desktop, iPad, and mobile

Foodzilla is a personalised nutrition platform for health professionals.

Analyse nutrition, create recipes and meal plans, and access some of the most extensive food composition databases in the world.

You can also offer a free mobile app for your clients that includes your own branding. There's no software to install, and everything is safely stored in the cloud.

Meal Planning for Health Professionals.

It's exhausting to spend hours of your day searching for recipes, collecting them in a spreadsheet, and making sure they all fit your client's nutritional needs.

Foodzilla lets you create highly-personalised nutrition plans for clients in minutes, not hours.

Match your client's nutrition needs with personalized meal plans that are easy for them to follow, and the app will take care of the rest — automating all the recipe collection, filtering out the bad stuff, generating grocery lists, and helping them stay on track.

Food and Recipe Analysis.

Access over 500,000 food items found in leading food composition databases from the United States (USDA), United Kingdom (CoFID by PHE), New Zealand (NZFCD), and Australia (AFCD aka NUTTAB).

Search through an online database of 100,000+ recipes, using 50+ filters based on health labels, dietary requirements, and cuisine types. For example, you can find "Middle eastern recipes that are high in protein and low in sodium".

Free Mobile App for Your Clients.

Not only will you get automated reporting of what your clients are eating, but you can also answer their questions and send them meal plans & recipes—all within the app.

With the Starter Plan, you can even add your own branding and customise your clients' in-app experience.

Paperless Nutrition Monitoring.

Instead of hassling with paper lists of your clients' daily food intake, what if you could see exactly what they're eating?

Foodzilla lets your clients take pictures of their meals and uses AI technology to extract and auto-populate as much data as possible from each photo. Then, the image and all the relevant info are automatically sent to you within seconds! We also provide the ability to scan barcodes and log food manually if needed.

This gives you a much deeper understanding of their eating habits, missing nutrients from their diet, detailed nutrient distribution, and much more.

How does Foodzilla integrate with Cliniko?

The integration is simple. All you need to do is create a Cliniko API key and set it in your Foodzilla account. After that, you'll be able to:

  • Import clients from Cliniko to Foodzilla.
  • Import team members from Cliniko to Foodzilla.
  • View treatment notes and appointments for clients within Foodzilla.
  • Connect an existing client to Cliniko to sync your notes and appointment data.

Try Foodzilla free for 10 days.

Setup takes less than 60 seconds. Just create an account and get full access to every feature. We've got video tutorials and how-to guides to make getting started easy as.

All Cliniko customers will receive a lifetime 10% discount on their Foodzilla subscription!

Once you sign up, let us know that you came from Cliniko and we will apply the discount for you once connected.