Finger-Ink makes digital forms easy and convenient for you and your patients.

Finger-Ink patient intake form on an iPad and home devices.

What do your forms say about you?

After booking, your forms are one of the first experiences your patients have with your clinic. When you use Finger-Ink, you're showing your patients you genuinely value their experience.

How can Finger-Ink help?

Finger-Ink provides forms and self check-in. Forms can be sent to patients by simply including a link in an email or SMS. Alternatively, they can be filled out on your clinic's iPad or tablet on the day of their appointment.

  • Finger-Ink's form selfies let you easily identify and greet a patient, even if you haven't seen them in years.
  • The custom background image in your forms communicates your brand and values.
  • Step-by-step form filling prevents patients from feeling overwhelmed with too many questions at once.
  • Form questions are asked appropriately. For example, requests for a guardian's name and signature are only done when age-appropriate, and details of past conditions are only asked for when necessary.
  • The PDF produced from the form is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Finger-Ink's kiosk mode allows patients to check-in before arriving at your clinic. This can help to alleviate a busy waiting room, and allows you to greet your patients warmly in the absence of a receptionist.

Finger-Ink aims to save you time

Finger-Ink does everything you'd expect in a forms add-on:

  • The patient record is automatically updated after the form is filled, and a signed PDF is attached.
  • A treatment note can even be created if you need it. Add your own notes, and "pin it" for a medical history that’s easy to find later when you need it.
  • And your existing forms? The Finger-Ink team will gladly convert these for you—at no charge!

How do I get started?

Get going with a free 7-day trial! It’s easy. Just generate an API key from Cliniko, and enter it into your Finger-Ink account. That’s it!

If you're not totally in love after 7 days, Finger-Ink will extend your trial until you're happily using it with patients.