The Finger-Ink app for Cliniko makes it easy for your patient to self check-in, fill out intake forms, and give signed consent. It’s great for cutting out data entry for you and your staff.

Finger-Ink patient intake form on an iPad.

Easy intake for your patients

When your patient arrives, or during the informed consent process, hand your patient an iPad running Finger-Ink. They are guided through your own form, capturing the data that you want. When they sign the form to complete it you get updated patient data in Cliniko automatically. You even get a PDF with their signature added their patient files.

Save admin time with Kiosk mode

Let Finger-Ink welcome your patients as they walk in the door with kiosk mode and self check-in. Finger-Ink invites patients to enter their date of birth, then matches them to an appointment for that day.

If a form is required to be filled for that appointment type, Finger-Ink will start that form automatically, otherwise the patient is checked in and you’re notified through Cliniko straight away.

Draft treatment notes

Create your own custom forms linked to a treatment note template. When a patient fills out the form on the iPad, you automatically get a draft treatment note with the information they entered waiting for you in Cliniko.

Spend more face to face time with your patients and less entering data.

Setup in less than 5 minutes

Setup is so simple. Install the Finger-Ink app on your iPad. Enter your Cliniko API key and you’re good to go.

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