Fiizio is your all-in-one Cliniko add-on that will grow your practice using multiple tools, while connecting you directly to your patients or clients via your practice-branded mobile app.

Fiizio dashboard, app screens, exercise demonstrations

Seamlessly Integrated

Fiizio is an easy-to-use platform that connects your practice to your patients! Your practice will have its own branded mobile app, where you can provide clinical care, patient communication, and keep your patients engaged. In addition, Fiizio’s digital revenue platform will allow you to offer customised, cash-based digital services to your patients or clients, so you can easily get paid.

Clinical Exercise Programs & Outcome Tracking

With the robust and fully customisable exercise prescription engine, you can engage your patients with high resolution video exercises to ensure they are well on their way to recovery. Once you have prescribed these exercises (which will be delivered directly to the patients’ mobile app), you can monitor outcomes in real time, report on the progress made, and gather feedback from your patients.

Patient Communication

Fiizio offers top-class level of patient communication: whether using our in-app messaging or the integrated in-app telehealth, communication with your patients is only one click away! Appointment bookings can be handled directly from the mobile app, and your practice phone number, email, and directions are at your clients’ fingertips. In addition, you can integrate the delivery of your practice digital forms to the mobile app, so onboarding new patients is frictionless. If you would like to communicate with patient groups, whether based on condition or association, group communication is embedded in Fiizio as well.

Practice Marketing & Patient Engagement

Fiizio has a built-in content platform, where you can create patient education articles or periodic newsletters. The fact that such content goes directly to the patients' Fiizio app on their phones ensures higher open rate and engagement versus email alone. You can also create automatic drip messaging to nurture your patients and drive engagement, such as asking each patient to submit a review  — when the time is right — that will go directly to your Google, Facebook, or Yelp pages. They can also refer their friends or families to your practice, as Fiizio also streamlines lead generation and allows capturing of prospective clients directly into Fiizio and Cliniko.

Digital Revenue Module

As an all-in-one Cliniko add on, not only does Fiizio eliminate your need for multiple paid subscriptions (such as separate exercise software, email automation, etc.), but also offers an integrated digital revenue module. This module allows you to create customised digital services, promote them to your patients to ultimately increase their Lifetime Value, and get paid. Plus, the Fiizio team is always available to advise you on such offerings and help you set it up.

Easy integration

The Fiizio integration is easy and simple to set up. Just generate a new API key in Cliniko and add it to your Fiizio account. You will then be able to selectively import your contacts from Cliniko into Fiizio and deliver the best outcome to your patients or clients.