Endobits helps you make informed decisions by monitoring your patients' glucose levels in real-time.

Sample screens of patient monitoring in Endobits

Proactive care for your diabetic patients.

Protect your patients and prevent complications by connecting to their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for real time monitoring.

With a centralised dashboard for remote monitoring, Endobits automatically synthesises the data and delivers a daily analytics report customised for each patient.

Every time you log in, your patient list will be automatically prioritised based on high-risk, clinically relevant events.

Easy billing.

Remote patient monitoring can be billed directly using existing CPT codes, and Endobits keeps track of your actions for simple end-of-cycle billing.

Convenient access.

All of your Endobits data is automatically synced with your Cliniko account, making it super convenient to open a patient’s file and see all the information you need.

To get started, just create a Cliniko API key and save it in your Endobits account. Then pull your patient list and invite them to participate in the monitoring.

Once they’ve opted-in, the setup process is easy and intuitive. But you can always reach out to Endobits if you have any questions along the way.