Cliniq Apps

Automatic Recalls, electronic Intake Forms, Patient Satisfaction Tracker, Mobile app and much more!

New Patient Acquisition

Automate day-to-day tasks

Cliniq Apps is an automation platform that helps you run your day-to-day tasks more efficiently. It streamlines your patient journey by improving your patient experience and reducing your admin workload.

Some features include:

  • Electronic Patient Forms
  • Patient acquisition
  • Advance Recall mechanism
  • Patient Satisfaction Tracker
  • Calendar optimisation (cancellation & DNA management) - Patient journey optimisation
  • Check-in / Walk-in Kiosk
  • KPI dashboard

Sign up, guided setup

Cliniq Apps has seamless integration with Cliniko via your API keys. Signing up and integration is free of charge and a one-hour free demo session is provided to assist you with setting up your processes and protocols.

Chat with us

Have a chat with us on Cliniq Apps. We will help you with each step of the process to have a streamlined patient journey, provide better patient experience and reduce your admin workload.