CFone VoIP

CFone is a cloud-based digital VoIP phone service that comes with tons of great features like HD-quality sound, call recording, hold music, and lots more!

Cliniko connects to CFone

Improve your phone calls.

Using your existing landline number, CFone brings you the convenience of digital (VoIP) calls that connect through your Internet connection. And when you open your account, you’ll be supplied with feature-packed Yealink desk phones for your clinic.

If you’re using Windows for your operating system, your patients’ names will appear on your computer screen when they call. That way, you can open up their file with just one click to quickly see the info you need or easily book a new appointment.

Work from anywhere.

With CFone, your team can make and receive calls from any location that has a good Internet connection—just like in your clinic! So if some (or all) of your team is working from home, for example, your patients will still be able to reach them through your regular number.

Getting started is simple.

Just generate your Cliniko API key and save it in your new CFone account. That’s all it takes to sync your information—including patients’ names and numbers—so you can make and receive calls through CFone. It’s that easy!