Allie helps you improve your team's performance with data insights.

Improve team performance with help from Allie.

Train and retain great practitioners

Meet Allie — a platform where humans, not just data, take centre stage.

Allie integrates with Cliniko to humanise clinic data and offer personalised performance insights. Allie connects your data with clear actionable guidance so that you can tailor clinical mentoring and enable practitioners to boost their utilisation. It’s a practitioner support system.

Most popular features

  • Access automated data in a clear, customisable, and visual display
  • Set individualised performance targets for practitioner growth
  • Centralise a record of mentoring notes and actions for accountability
  • Invite external clinical mentors or business advisors to support your growth
  • Restrict permissions to enable your team to access only relevant information
  • Install growth strategies and systems from the Clinic Mastery knowledge base

Customer feedback from Allie:

What’s great is the ability to see all the data I have been trying to track in a much clearer, more transparent & significantly quicker way.
Laura Williams, Words in Motion (Speech pathologist)
What an amazing product. It’s going to change the way we mentor and improve patient outcomes… It’s a great self reflection and benchmarking tool.
Tom Barry,
O-Health (Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Exercise physiology)
Allie is intuitive, easy to use and provides very quick insights. It’s a clean and flexible way of looking at the performance of our team.
Tim Hill,
Village Therapy (Speech pathology & Occupational therapy)