Wibbi Home Exercise Program

Quickly build home exercise programs by choosing from a large and accurate database.

Create and send stunning exercise plans

Wibbi is a great home exercise solution for your practice! Our intuitive interface enable your team to print and email exercise programs quickly. Stunning videos and step-by-step instructions motivate your patients to stay on track and achieve their goals. Wibbi's 20+ specialty sections, simple program customization features and clinic website integration make it a no brainer for your practice.

Minimize repetitive work by Integrating

Wibbi has teamed up with Cliniko to streamline your workflow, reduce clicks and improve your overall experience. Our smart link syncs and imports patients automatically and exercise programs are documented back in Cliniko with a single click. You can easily turn on this feature by reaching out to Wibbi. One of our agents will assist you in creating an API key in Cliniko and adding this to your Wibbi account. Get started today!