Create, monitor, and track custom therapy home programs. Disability-driven app and web platform designed to be used in sessions to improve your productivity and support participant outcomes.

Theratrak's therapist app allows your team to prescribe home therapy activities with just a few clicks, saving everyone time and improving your workflow.

Theratrak empowers allied health clinicians with digital tools to prescribe, monitor and track custom home therapy programs for participants. Theratrak is on a mission to improve access to clinical support outside of therapy sessions and allows therapists to capture and digitise session information for home programs.

Clinic owners set up their accounts and can add therapists, participants and custom activities. Then therapists capture information during sessions and prescribe home programs via their therapist mobile app. Participants have their own app to complete their home therapy programs and they can also send feedback back to clinicians when they’re outside of sessions.

Therapist App

The assistant app for therapists

Therapists get access to over 250 preloaded early intervention participant activities within the app. Create and send programs within therapy sessions, all within one system that integrates into your workflow and reduces time spent on admin.

Higher engagement with participants

The app allows you to increase engagement with your participants and allows you to track your participants’ progress outside of therapy sessions.

Security and privacy by design

Password and pin protected to ensure security.

Clinic Portal

The hub for multi-disciplinary team

Theratrak’s clinic portal is the centralised hub for therapists to securely manage and connect your clinical team.

Tracking made easier

Reduce time spent on admin as the portal allows you to easily access and track clinical treatments. See what other therapists have prescribed and easily integrate therapy strategies across teams.

Create and share activities

Create and share custom content with your clinical team. Build a library of resources relevant to your expertise. Simplify professional development and support therapists with activities specific to your treatment style.

Participant app

The participant app is free to download. Participants can:

  • Manage their home therapy program each week.
  • View at a glance, their activity schedule for the week, and their key areas of focus.
  • Watch and review activities.
  • Access images and footage from sessions to practice their therapy activities at home.
  • Track progress.
  • Keep on top of their programs, stay engaged, and motivated to track progress.

Integrating with Cliniko

Save time on note writing from your sessions.

Theratrak has integrated with Cliniko to help save you time on your documentation requirements. Once your accounts are connected, you can quickly and easily add participants to your Theratrak account. The integration will also automatically save all of the notes from your therapy program as a draft case note as soon as you send it to the participant. The draft notes will be ready for you to add your observations or any other key clinical information to your case note when you get back to your desk.

Setting up the integration only takes a few minutes. Book in a time here and one of our team members can help you set up the integration for free.