Designed by practitioners to facilitate better patient outcomes, TeleHab exercise prescription platform offers a seamless, remote rehab experience.

Telehab in action, on desktop, table, and mobile phone.

Prescribe exercise programs and monitor clients remotely.

Build programs from an extensive library of over 4,500 videos (and counting) that include exercises for range of motion, strength and conditioning, pilates, yoga, hand therapy and more.

Offer your clients the unique ability to record themselves performing their exercises on their phone. A practitioner can then review the videos remotely to track their progress and keep clients accountable.

Secure teleconferencing with end-to-end encryption.

With video consultations, you can give your clients the personal touch they deserve, no matter where you are. Let them see exactly what you’re looking at, by sharing your screen with them. And take notes during the call that are saved directly to your client’s profile.

You can maximise the video window for a better view. Or minimise it so you can build and edit exercise programs during the consultation.

It’s easy to connect TeleHab to your Cliniko account.

To get started, simply generate a new API key in Cliniko, and add it to your TeleHab account under settings, software integration. That’s it!

Then you can import your client list to TeleHab or open an individual client’s TeleHab page from within Cliniko to access their exercise program.