SimpleSet is the easiest way to teach exercises and manage patient care!

Demonstration of a woman using the app, and showing the exercises.

Prescribe exercise programs with ease

No other exercise software looks or feels quite like SimpleSet - try it and see! SimpleSet is the fastest, easiest-to-use, most powerful exercise prescription software on the market. It helps your patients to become more active participants in their own rehabilitation, and supports you so you can do what you do best - encourage, empower, educate.

Everything you need

  • Comprehensive Exercises. SimpleSet has thousands of beautiful, professionally designed exercises - for just about everything!
  • Outcome Measures and Tracking. SimpleSet uses validated, reliable outcome measures for Patient Tracking, so you know the data that you collect is meaningful.
  • TeleHealth. Connect with your patients on SimpleSet's secure and compliant TeleHealth platform.

Simple integration

With just a few clicks you can open your Cliniko patients directly in SimpleSet. Exercise programs assigned to your patients in SimpleSet are automatically synced in Cliniko. For details, see the Integration Guide.

Built by Physiotherapists

We are not just a software company — we are also practicing Physiotherapists. We are passionate about helping you and your patients meet your goals!