Secure, complaint, and fraud-proof e-prescriptions that can be dispensed at pharmacies across the UK without the need for paper!

SignatureRX - Deliver e-prescriptions that are secure

Safe, secure, and compliant

SignatureRx complies with the Human Medicine Regulation 2012, which states that prescriptions can be signed using an advanced electronic signature. The technology is built on the same legislation as the NHS EPS system and will allow your practice to generate secure paperless prescriptions that can be tracked from signing to dispensing.

How does a patient collect their medication?

There is a simple process to allow patients to collect their prescriptions nationwide from any UK pharmacy seamlessly.

  1. 1.When a script is issued in SignatureRX, the patient will receive a text and email with their unique prescription ID.
  2. 2.The patient can present the text or email from SignatureRx at their local pharmacy, where they will be able to access the prescription on our website using the prescription ID and the patients' DOB.
  3. 3.The pharmacy will dispense the medication and mark this on the system preventing the patient from collecting the same prescription again.

How does it integrate with Cliniko?

The Cliniko integration will pull your patient details from SignatureRx into Cliniko. This will reduce the need to duplicate information.

After registering on SignatureRx, you can view your profile by clicking on your name on the top right and selecting 'profile'. You will see a section that says 'Cliniko Integration'.

In this section, you would need to enter your Cliniko API key, Vendor Name (Practice name) and the Vendor Email (the email you used to login to Cliniko).