Deliver personalised care by combining the power of patient-reported outcome and experience measures with Cliniko data and AI optimised recalls.

QuantCare and Cliniko screens

Increase patient retention by delivering personalised care. Easily track patient feedback and recovery by using automated patient-reported outcome (PROM) and patient-reported experience (PREM) measures. Once integrated, these results are delivered straight to the patient record in Cliniko.

With a suite of tools available, you can quickly identify and engage patients at risk of retention:

  • Appointment satisfaction and net promoter scores
  • Pre-selected outcome measures tailored to your treatment discipline
  • Automated survey generation and follow-ups through Cliniko
  • Results snapshot viewable directly on Cliniko
  • Aggregated analytics across your practice

In addition to this, you can dig deeper into your Cliniko data to find improvements for your clinic! You’ll be able to view real-time trends in appointment data, such as no shows, cancellations, rebooking rate, patient visit average, and more. You can also filter this by patient demographics, practitioner, and time periods, allowing you to set and track targets that are unique to your clinic.

Instead of generic recall campaigns, you can engage patients by sending personalised communications. QuantCare provides you with intelligent auto-suggested campaigns that can include automated recall emails and are personalised based on patient feedback, demographics, or similar cohorts of patients. Once a campaign has been executed, you will be able to analyse its effectiveness, enabling you to make changes and improvements if needed.