Instinctive Notes

Instinctive notes is your secret weapon for note taking compliance. Try it today.

Compliant chiropractic clinical notes

Are you a chiropractor looking for something to help you write compliant clinical notes? Instinctive Notes may be the solution for you! You have compliant notes right out of the box, and have access to fully detailed clinical notes which are fast and easy to record. Combine this with Cliniko and you have a note taking system which is going to drive real benefit for your practice.

Simple set up, regular updates

Add your Cliniko API Key and Instinctive Notes regularly syncs Cliniko data to make clinical note taking as smooth as possible. Alongside patient and appointment book info we leverage appointment types, products, business and practitioner information to reduce setup. Your Instinctive Notes appointment book is always up to date with Cliniko so you can be confident which notes need to be recorded to be compliant.