Get key performance information in real-time from Cliniko, synced to your practice dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time with patients.

Tracking in dataplayer

Focus on your patient outcomes, let Dataplayer do the data entry.

Are you spending hours each week downloading and configuring practice KPI reporting for your Allied Health practice? Dataplayer automates the entire process and even has an unlimited FREE plan so you can get started.

Dashboards in the free account include basic information for appointments, clients, revenue and practitioner stats—plus, a daily summary report sent to your email.

Subscribe to a paid subscription and get more than 60 graphs on the GIGA plan.

See your practice metrics on a dashboard in just a few steps.

Create a Dataplayer account.

Enter your Cliniko API key.

Get back to your to-do lists while Dataplayer sets up everything automatically.

Join now and get started with automated real-time reporting, directly from your Cliniko account.

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