Get key performance information in real-time from Cliniko, synced to your practice dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time with patients.

Tracking in dataplayer

Focus on your patient outcomes, let Dataplayer do the data entry.

Are you spending hours each week downloading and configuring practice KPI reporting for your Allied Health practice? Dataplayer automates the entire process and even has an unlimited FREE plan. On top of that, they now offer the option to try out the GIGA plan, free of charge, for 30 days.

Some key features of the Giga plan include:

  • 60+ predefined and customisable graphs
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual report emails
  • Multiple filters
  • Customisable targets for preset KPIs
  • Data customisation for NPS score
  • Automatic reports/alerts to multiple email addresses.

See your practice metrics on a dashboard in just a few steps.

Create a Dataplayer account.

Enter your Cliniko API key.

Get back to your to-do lists while Dataplayer sets up everything automatically.

Join now and get started with automated real-time reporting, directly from your Cliniko account.

What users say:

As a busy business owner with several different revenue streams and employees, it was important that I have line of sight to my key KPIs in an instant and the ability to drill down further if required. Dataplayer was the solution.

Numbers mean nothing in isolation but trends are important to allow me to observe the progress of the business. This is what Dataplayer offered me, a visual solution to show trends of my finances and key KPIs so that I can get a business, product and therapist snapshot in a few minutes.

It saves time, is accurate and you can add different formulas/criteria to highlight whether targets are being hit etc.

Furthermore, I have been able to create an admin account to allow the clinic manager to observe and report the key statistics to myself and the team without having to share any sensitive data.

-Patrick Kenny MCSP HCPC KCMTOwner, Head Physio and Running Coach, MovePhysio