Singapore-based chiropractor, Jenny Li, recently spoke to us about her clinic, Re:Chiropractic. The practice has been going strong for 9 years and Cliniko has been a part of it since the beginning!

Dr Jenny Li sits at her work desk. She is turned to face the camera and smiling. Her desk and computer are behind her.

Re:Chiropractic is a multi-practitioner clinic in Singapore, which Jenny Li and her husband Jeff Ederer (both Doctors of Chiropractic) founded in 2015. It’s now a busy practice, and the pair juggle seeing their patients with family life and a young daughter. In 2018, they brought on their first associate — and they’ve had various other chiropractors and freelancers working at the clinic since then.  

Dr Jenny Li stands at the reception desk in her clinic space.

About Re:Chiropractic

The patient base at Re:Chiropractic generally ranges from patients in their late-twenties to their mid-fifties and is largely focused on sports injuries and performance. “Most of our patients are amateur athletes, competing athletes, or just people who are very active,” Jenny observes.

One of the clinic’s specialties is treating bodybuilding patients and Re:Chiropractic is recognised by the National Bodybuilding Association World Fitness Federation Singapore. As a former competitor herself, Jenny has a personal understanding of what these competitions require: “Dr. Jeff and I both competed in bodybuilding in the past. It's something I’m glad I did. Do I want to do it again? Probably not,” she laughs. “But it was a good journey.”

These experiences have been helpful for allowing Jenny and Jeff to treat the athletes who show up at the clinic — having been competitors in the past, the two chiropractors know exactly what their patients are going through. As Jenny says, “it puts you into the competitor mindset, which means you have a better understanding of the patient.”

Charity work is another big part of the Re:Chiropractic ethos, which is something both Jenny and Jeff are passionate about. Before the pair founded their clinic, they even undertook several chiropractic mission trips to Peru. Now they use their practice to help a local food bank charity, Food from the Heart, by participating in food drives every year and encouraging their patients to get involved. “Charity is a way for us to give back and contribute back to the community,” Jenny says. We’re big into that idea at Cliniko too!

Why Re:Chiropractic chose Cliniko

Jenny had used Cliniko in a previous job and, when she and Jeff decided to open their own practice, Jenny wanted to stick with Cliniko. It’s always easier to continue with a system you know, but Jenny says there are two main reasons she elected to keep using Cliniko, beyond just familiarity:

1User friendly

Jenny wanted software that was simple to use, which she found with Cliniko. “I feel like it's easy to navigate, since I'm not tech savvy at all. It's a straightforward system,” she says. We hope that using Cliniko is mostly intuitive even if, like Jenny, you also feel that technology isn’t your strong suit!


Cliniko’s emphasis on security was another key factor in why Re:Chiropractic stuck with Cliniko. “One thing that’s really important to us is security,” Jenny says. “A few years ago in Singapore, there were cybersecurity attacks going on. We were quite concerned that someone could hack into our system and take patients' information.” But Re:Chiropractic felt reassured by Cliniko’s security protocols. “I was sure that Cliniko was investing in resources to make sure cybersecurity was good,” Jenny says.

We totally agree with Jenny that this is one of the most important things to look for in practice management software. You can read more about the steps we take to protect your data at Cliniko here.

How Cliniko helps run Re:Chiropractic

On a daily basis, Re:Chiropractic finds Cliniko helpful a few specific ways:

  • Integrations

Re:Chiropractic digitised most of its processes from the beginning. Jenny notes,“I think one reason we’ve been able to do this is that Cliniko has a lot of integrations available.” This has been a welcome relief for Jenny, who knows all too well what a headache paperwork can be: “Before that, it was all paper-based, but you end up with boxes and files that you can’t destroy until many years later.” That’s exactly what good practice management software is designed to avoid!

  • Online bookings

“The online booking process was very helpful as well,” Jenny observes. “Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on their device and the booking system is mobile friendly, so we encourage most patients to book online rather than giving us a call or sending a text message. We are not open after office hours, but patients might want to book at 9pm, so it’s good for them to go to the website and just do the online booking.”

  • Tracking patient referral sources

“Cliniko has referral tracking for your marketing, so that helped us decide which part of the marketing budget we should spend more on,” Jenny says. With this information, Re:Chiropractic went on to hire a data analyst to help them streamline their marketing and make sure they were catering to the correct demographic — which proved to be a helpful process for the clinic.

How could Cliniko be better for chiropractors?

Re:Chiropractic sometimes has to deal with fake patient bookings — unknown people booking up appointments at busy times and then failing to show up. Jenny wants to see a block feature in Cliniko to prevent these nuisance appointments being made. “That's probably the only thing that I’ll say the online booking system was not good at,” she says. “Other than that, it was very good.”

Jenny also really wants to see a mobile app version of Cliniko. While we don’t have an app, Cliniko is mobile-friendly — you just need to log into Cliniko through the web browser on your phone and then you can use it exactly as you do on your computer. Alternatively, our in-house videographer Rachel also has a cool hack for adding a shortcut on your mobile which will make Cliniko function a lot like an app and let you launch it with a tap!

Would Jenny recommend Cliniko to other chiropractors?

The answer is yes! “For colleagues who are thinking about data migrations, I definitely recommend Cliniko because it's really user-friendly,” Jenny says.

She adds: “They're lovely at Cliniko and I think they are getting better. In the beginning when I was using them, they didn’t have YouTube information explaining everything. But more recently, they've added YouTube channels, updates, and they kind of walk you through the problems, so problem shooting is very easy.”

Jenny’s advice to chiropractors looking for practice management software

Jenny has a list of a few qualities good practice management should embody: “Easy to use; safe (cybersecurity is a big issue right now); easy to navigate for your staff — the process cannot be too complicated, or you increase human error; and good record keeping that’s easy for the staff to follow.”

Finally, she says practitioners should also look for software with a strong customer support team. “If there's anything wrong with Cliniko, I can always get a response,” she says.

We’re very grateful to Jenny for talking to us. We hope you found the Re:Chiropractic story and their experiences with Cliniko interesting and informative!

Dr Jenny Li stands at the reception desk with a cat.

Dr Jenny Li


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