Brand assets

Logos and colours for when you need to use Cliniko branding.

Cliniko description

Here's the official descriptive blurb to help you get started if you are going to write about Cliniko.

"Cliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 95 countries worldwide. Manage schedules, treatment notes, invoices, payments and lots more. It works great for solo practitioners, large teams and anything in between."

For more specific information, feel free to refer to the content on our Tour pages.

Cliniko logo

If you use our logo, please don't make any changes to it.

Cliniko icon

Cliniko logo icon. We also use it for application icons and avatars.

Cliniko icon on a blue background
Cliniko icon with a blue background.

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Cliniko icon for a light background
Cliniko icon for light backgrounds.

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Cliniko icon for a dark background
Cliniko icon for dark backgrounds.

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Cliniko colors

Alongside a good dose of whitespace, these are Cliniko's main brand colors.

Primary #2795d9

Light #3da0dd

Lighter #6ec7f2

Lightest #b5e2f9

Secondary #494a4c

Action #ee2b89

Neutral #f8f8f8