60-day free trial for Osteopathy Today readers
60-day free trial for Osteopathy Today readers

Cliniko is practice management software designed with the unique needs of osteopaths in mind. Jump in and discover what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Secure, easy to use, affordable software for osteopaths did not exist when I graduated. I wanted a simple way to manage appointments, patient notes and accounts from the clinic or from home. Joel and I were able to combine his love of great software and my passion for osteopathy to create Cliniko. From there, user feedback and customer involvement has set us apart. Cliniko is carefully crafted to make practice management and patient care easier. Sign up for the free trial to see for yourself.

Liora Dafner-Beach, B.App Sci (Clin.Sc).M.H.Sc.(OSTEO), founder of Cliniko

Cliniko, Australia