Would you like to write an article for the Cliniko blog?

Thanks for your interest in writing for Cliniko. If you have an idea or bit of knowledge that you’d like to share with allied health practitioners around the world, we’d love to hear more about it!

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How it works

First off, all allied health practitioners or people who work within the allied health space are welcome to apply to be guest authors. The more the merrier! ️

Each guest article that we publish will be promoted on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts. We’ll include an author byline and a permanent link to a website of your choice when we publish your article, too.

If necessary, we will edit the draft you share with us, then send the draft back to you for your approval. We will never publish changes unless you say we can!

The whole process from draft to publication usually takes about four weeks.

Guest author guidelines

Without making too many rules, there are a few important things we look for in a guest post before we publish it.

  • We prefer articles that are 700+ words at a minimum.
  • Article content should be simple and practical—our preferred article style is conversational, as if you were explaining something to a peer or colleague rather than publishing in a research journal.
  • We ask that you please do not include any promotional content or promotional calls to action in your article, like ‘Buy now!’ or ‘Get this offer!’ for example.
  • Outbound links are welcome as citations for facts or to provide additional context.

We care deeply about article quality and aim to only publish content that is genuinely helpful to those in the allied health space.

What to write about

We’ll consider any article ideas that you share! But in general, these topics are especially relevant:

  • Growing and marketing your practice
  • Day to day practice management
  • Hiring and employment
  • Workplace culture

If this all sounds good, please leave us a few details below so we can get back to you. We promise that your info will not be used for any purpose other than following up about guest blogging.

Thank you! ❤️

Your guest post proposal

City and country will work just fine!

If you are not a healthcare worker, please write your industry instead.

A few lines will do but feel free to write as much detail as you'd like.