Keeping your Cliniko patients automated and in sync. Automate manual processes. No coding or developers required.

Sync your data; securely.

Sync Cliniko with other apps.

Onesync keeps your patient data in-sync across multiple applications, like your CRM or email marketing system. With refresh updates every 2 minutes, Onesync makes sure all your platforms stay up-to-date and saves you the hassle of entering the info by hand.

1-way sync: Collect data from other platforms and have it automatically synced with your Cliniko account. This is great for when patients book appointments through your website or submit their contact info to join your mailing list.

2-way sync: Keep data flowing back-and-forth between Cliniko and other apps like Stripe, Mailchimp, or Outlook. Perfect for busy practices that don’t have time to re-enter data for each account.

And if you can’t find the integration you’re looking for, just reach out to Onesync—they’ll build it for you!

No more manual imports & exports.

Onesync is the only app that has a true 2-way sync allowing you to forget all about ‘data silos’ where one platform has more up-to-date info than another. That lets you work confidently knowing all of your accounts have the correct information you need.

Your data stays secure within your apps.

Onesync does not store your information. They just grab it for you when you need it, and no one on their team has access to your data. This is especially important for practices that need to stay compliant with privacy laws like HIPAA and GDPR.

Get in-sync.

Start syncing your data now with Onesync’s free 14-day trial and unlimited free support.

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