We provide software and support to move you beyond data entry, phone calls and manual processes.

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Secure, online questionnaires

In order to provide safe and effective treatment, it’s critical that you have an accurate picture of the health and medical background of new patients. We operate secure, online medical questionnaires that patients can complete at home, ahead of their appointment.

Skip the data-entry

On submission we load the details direct in to Cliniko, no data-entry required. Our forms include advanced features like image annotation, attachments, electronic signature, save-and-finish-later, and work across all devices from mobile to desktop.

Setup is easy

We can either modify our template forms for your use, or convert your existing forms for you. We will then guide you through the process of mapping data in to Cliniko. Our system can add and update patient records, populating contact, medical and treatment information. We can also attach full form submissions in PDF format. When you’re ready, simply add form links to your appointment confirmation email for patients to access.

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