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The Coviu Difference

Run your practice the way you want. Offer your patients the access they need.

Enable clients to access you anywhere on any consumer device.

  • No patient signup
  • Validated clinical tools
  • World-class support

Seamless Across All Devices

Coviu works wherever you work. Laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone – Coviu shines.

Patients receive an invitation to your Coviu room and they can easily meet you there on any device with the simple click of a link or button.

Run Coviu in your browser - your patients just follow a link and don't need to install anything!

How can Coviu can help you?

With Coviu, you can treat patients the way they want to be treated, helping them cut travel time and allowing patients to be treated in the comfort of their own homes. The Coviu platform helps increase patient satisfaction and retention.

We built Coviu to fit seamlessly with how you're running your practice by integrating with calendars, practice management software and workflows. If things aren't working, we are here to help with a median response time below 2 min.

Coviu is all about efficiency to help grow your practice. With tools like online appointment bookings and in-call payments, Coviu's clinical and business tools increase productivity and revenue.

Integrating with Cliniko

Coviu allows for your clinic to set up appointments to provide healthcare to patients automatically through online bookings! With just a few simple steps, you will be on your way to having appointments virtually with your patients!

Check out the steps here!

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