Cliniko now integrates with Medicare

Emily Gable·

Medicare claiming in Cliniko

Bulk bills and patient claims can now be processed directly from Cliniko! We’ve tightly integrated with Medipass (a digital health payment company) to provide this functionality—and it means that claims can be processed online, right from your Cliniko account, with no terminal required.

You’ll first need to sign up for an account with Medipass (if you haven’t already), and they’ll help you get set up for Medicare claiming. Please note that Medipass do have fees for Medicare claiming; Cliniko customers get a discounted rate, though!

Once you have your account with Medipass set up and you’ve integrated it with Cliniko, you can begin processing your claims! We have some in-depth guides that  will walk you through the steps—one for how to process patient claims, and another on bulk bill claims. You’ll be able to see the status of any claim on the related invoice!

Medicare claim screen in Cliniko

If you’re keen for a longer overview, we’re talking more about Medicare over on the Cliniko Community!

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