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A lot has happened in the last couple of months since our last news email. I will try to keep this as brief as possible but there is a bit to get through to ensure you are kept up to date.

One of the most exciting events we have had was our “Customer Development Day” that we held on the 10th of October. This was a day where the Cliniko team made themselves available in a chat room and we took requests for small improvements to the system. We then worked on them right away and tried to get through as many as we could in one day. The turnout from our customers was great (over 100 people joined us in the chat room throughout the day) and the suggestions were fantastic.

This was a very experimental event but the result was great (and a little tiring). We ended up releasing 13 improvements from that day. Probably the best thing about this was that due to the time constraints, it really allowed us to focus on minor usability tweaks and we think the software is better for it. You can see the major changes in the summary below.

We also released our customer support ratings page recently. This is a page on our website that lets you see how our customers have rated us when they have raised a support ticket. We promise to provide great support and we think this is a great way for us to stay accountable. We also always try to run our business with openness and integrity and this is one of the ways we stand by those principles. You can checkout the ratings page anytime here We aren’t quite achieving 100% yet but you can be sure that’s our goal.

I usually talk only of the features we have recently released (and there is a summary of those below) but I do want to mention something very important we are working on. We are currently in the process of improving the redundancy and disaster recovery of Cliniko. Already we have great uptime (over 99.9%) but we still have been subject to a few outages. Cliniko is hosted in a true cloud computing environment where it always runs across many servers at any given time. This means any server related issues are immediately handled (the bad server drops out the rotation and a new one replaces it).

We still are subject to region wide issues though (eg. natural disasters). We are now working on replicating this cloud computing environment to another geographical region. This will have Cliniko running not only on multiple servers, but on multiple servers in multiple geographical locations. The system will have automatic failover so that any issues in one region are automatically and immediately handled by routing all traffic to the other region. This is a seriously complicated (and expensive) setup, so it is going to take a bit of time for this project to be completed (we are guessing a few months). I just wanted to mention it in advance to let you know we are absolutely committed to make Cliniko the most reliable it can be. With these changes we have begun working on, we are confident there will be no other practice management system in the world with better availability than we will achieve.

Lastly, we are seeing amazing growth with Cliniko worldwide. We now have thousands of people using Cliniko everyday and we are confident a lot of the growth is from all of you spreading the word. Thank you very much for doing so, it makes all the difference to us. You can be sure that as we grow, it will just give us more resources to keep making the system even better.


Joel Friedlaender Founder — Cliniko

Recent Changes

Huge improvements to file attachments (08-October-2012)

We made attaching files to patients much easier. You can now attach many files at once and you can even drag and drop them to add them. Unfortunately this is not available to users of Internet Explorer due to browser restrictions. If you haven’t changed yet, now’s a great time, we recommend Google Chrome.

Add One-Off availability (08-October-2012)

You can now add one-off availabilities on the calendar. This is great if you need to work at a time you don’t normally but don’t want to adjust your regular schedule.

Note icon on appointments with notes (10-October-2012)

We now show a note icon on any appointment that has notes.

You can now archive patients (11-October-2012)

You are now able to archive patients instead of deleting them (you can still delete them if you like too).

Notes on payments (11-October-2012)

There is now a notes field on payments that you can use to add extra information (eg. cheque number).

Reminder sent icon on appointments (11-October-2012)

We now show a “reminder sent” icon on appointments so that you can see who has received a reminder at a glance. This will show if they have received an SMS or Email reminder.

Flag appointment as “Did Not Arrive” (31-October-2012)

You can now mark an appointment as “Did Not Arrive”. This will show an icon on the appointment and also appear in that patient’s record. We also changed the “cancellations report” to a “missed appointments” report and included a lot more information there.

As always, you can see all the changes here There is also a “subscribe” link on that support page so that you can receive email updates everytime a change is made.

Cliniko is amazing practice management software for healthcare businesses. Visit to see for yourself.

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Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko. He writes about productivity, team-work, and how we do things differently. Follow him on Twitter at @jfriedlaender.

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